Reader Question:

I’m writing on behalf of my good friend Sab, who’s in a long-distance commitment. We’ve been extremely supportive together and all of our friendship is essential to united states.

The woman he is online dating needs that the friendship has ended. I am very concerned with her motives. My friend is during their 70s and it is prone. I want to free him from any future dilemmas.

How does she want so much to have us from Sab’s existence?

-Joanna (Nj)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Joanna,

Clearly his girlfriend feels endangered by your relationship along with her man. Long-distance relationships are particularly delicate because really they’re part-time responsibilities which will cause permanency or otherwise not.

My personal guidance is always to engage the girl in a relationship to you therefore she will be able to see you have obvious limits. The very next time she is in town, variety each of them for dinner. Perhaps receive another male friend so she can see you have other male buddies at the same time.

The one thing which makes a red-flag go up for me personally is the fact you didn’t let me know about your real feelings for her guy.

When you yourself have powerful emotions for him and therefore are sitting on the sidelines, i do believe it really is your moral responsibility to excuse your self from the friendship.

Of course, if he’s emotions individually, aside from platonic relationship, he then may be giving her unconscious indicators about those feelings.

I suggest you work through most of the thoughts here in order to make sense of the triangle.

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